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Directions to the Homs
‘. Send Al your prayer items or pray with us in person.

SUN.  DECEMBER 5,th  9:30am – DOJO at THE KINGS’ – “Leading House Groups.”
923 Alegre Place, SJ, CA 95126

Dojo is our leadership/discipleship training open to everyone. Come if you have a heart to grow deeper.
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Newcomers & Vets welcome! Directions to Coffee Society »

Contact Dave for more info. Directions to the Community Center.

Bring your best cookie recipe to the NGUYENS on Contact Lisa ASAP to RSVP. Cookies will also be donated to Next Door SolutionsDirections to the Clubhouse (Nguyens’).

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There will be a series of blog posts on current projects coming soon!



Men’s and Women’s Retreats: September 24-26, 2010

We’ll doing a Fall men’s and women’s retreat this year with a bit of a twist. The men will be doing a monster backpacking trip in Big Basin Redwoods State Park. The goal? Commune with God. Put ourselves to the test. Learn to rely on each other and God. It’s going to be epic.

The women will also retreat… retreat to a house in Santa Cruz. They will not have a speaker, but will focus the time on how God has brought RESTORATION and life to our broken lives. There will be several women sharing their stories. But everyone will have an opportunity hear, share and journey through what God is doing in our lives.

SIGN UP NOW… we need to begin prepping for the weekends. Invite friends and checkout all the info on the following links:



loving on the neighborhood

In response to our Generosity Challenge, one of our house communities prayed and asked God what to do. And He began showing Mayra images of kids in the neighborhood that she used to live in. And how many of these kids have few positive influences and basically nothing to do the entire summer.

So the group began doing free bi-weekly BBQ’s in June – food, crafts and games for the kids and just hanging out with whomever wants to come out. It has been an incredible experience and we’re looking forward to how God will continue to lead us. A few highlights:

  • Indian, Asian, Latino kids all playing cricket together.
  • Meeting an African refugee family in the neighborhood.
  • Praying for people who need prayer.
  • Magic shows for the kids.
  • Over 200 hotdogs BBQ’d.
  • Hearing about the struggles of the neighborhood.
  • Listening to people’s stories and meeting people from over 8 different countries.

We’ve been doing every other Thursday and will be transitioning to weekends. We’ll be going again this Thursday [8/5], but contact us at info@ihaven.org for what day we’ll transition to. Come on out and share a dog, play some cricket and just be Jesus to a neighborhood.

This week:

August 5th – THURSDAY – 6:00-8:30p [come anytime]
Meeting in front of 2299 Pasetta Drive, Santa Clara

Some more photos HERE and HERE courtesy of Luis.

India 2010


Wanted to share that we will be going to INDIA again this coming November. We have had a friendship and partnership with the Bible Faith Mission in the state of Kerala that is led by and serves the Dalit [untouchable] caste people. The primary goal of the mission is to empower and equip Dalits with the Gospel of Jesus through church planting and affordable, high quality education through the BFM school. It’s a grand mission and it’s our privilege and joy to come alongside them and be a part of what God is in doing in India.

Some of the things we’ll be doing in India this time around:

  • Children’s and High School Camp
  • Pastor’s Training
  • Teaching and Speaking in the BFM School
  • Visiting Families and Listening to Stories
  • Letting God Challenge Us… and Doing What He Says

Some info and stuff you’ll need:

  • Raise Your Own Funding :: ~ $2500
  • Be Able to Take Off For ~ 14 Days in Early November [specific dates determine by cheaper airfare]
  • Need a Good Attitude – No Whiners
  • No Need for Special Skills – But Willing to Use Whatever You Have

Let me ask you to do this:

PRAY… quiet yourself down and ask God very simply, “Do you want me to go to India?” Listen. And believe it. If he says yes, contact us at info@ihaven.org [or call us at (408) 63H-AVEN] and we can give you more info. We will need to know by August 21st.

Want to read more about what we’ve been doing in India? Go HERE.
Want to sponsor a student at the BFM School? Go HERE.

Thanks friends… more questions, please let us know: info@ihaven.org.

whoopsies about the comments…

It’s been a month or so since we did some house cleaning on the site. Sorry… it felt like… well… like we didn’t clean our own house for month. Old pizza, mildew rings, etc. You get the picture. We had to delete a ton of comments, most of which was spam. If you left a comment in the past month and you’re not an online pharmacy or a have an exclusive webcam, then it likely got swept away with the other junk.

So go ahead and try commenting again… and we’ll be more vigilant to monitor and approve the invaluable stories, encouragement, critique from our web [and regular] community. Thanks.

A few significant updates coming soon! Stay tuned!


“Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe.” – Jesus


We’ll be meeting all together next week in three different gatherings for Easter-Holy Week. It’ll be homely and intimate, communal and revelrous… and as always food will be involved. Here’s a run down:

Tuesday – March 30
Sergio and Lisa’s House – 45 Ede Lane, Milpitas7:30pm
Dinner on your own – light refreshments afterwards.

Friday – April 2
Billy and Lisa’s House – 3607 Place de Louis, San Jose7:00pm
Dinner after our gathering – kid’s care available.

Sunday Morning – April 4
Meet @ Montgomery Hill Park Near Evergreen College – Go HERE6:30am
Brunch @ Alan and Luanne’s – 3059 Silver Estates, San Jose – 9:00am
Lunch w/the Victorians – Next Door to LPT [72 N. Fifth St., San Jose] – 11:45am

Thanks all – see you there and check in with your house communities on what to bring for food.

More info – contact us at info[at]ihaven.org.

Stand in the Gap > Child Sponsorship

One way to further the work of Bible Faith Mission and empower a generation of Dalit [untouchable] children is to sponsor a student in the BFM School. The BFM School uses an international curriculum that is of the highest standard in India. So much so that many high caste families are willing to send their children to a school led by Dalit leaders. It is also significant that this is a school founded by Dalits, led by Dalits and focused in on equipping the next generation of Dalit students. It belongs to the Dalits.

We can partner in this move of Jesus in India by sponsoring students. Sponsorship [$25/month] provides for tuition, uniforms and education material. There are many Dalit children wanting to go this school, but very few can afford it. The demand outweighs the resources. For now.

For more info on sponsoring a child, check out:


Read more about our partnership and journey with BFM at Haven India.


Today is ASH WEDNESDAY – which is the beginning of LENT – the 40 days prior to the Jesus’ death and resurrection. It’s a Christian tradition – and traditions are meaningful only when it points you to something else. It’s never the goal. So what’s the goal?


Easter is for celebrating what Jesus did on the Cross – it should be the craziest celebration of them all. But we live in a delusional time in the West. We live as though we have no need [when in fact we’re completely desperate]. And avoid pain like the plague. God becomes like Target – we go when we when need something or need some pain taken away. We’ll never *get* Jesus this way…

We get Jesus, understand him, become awestruck by what he did… when we realize that we can NOT do it on our own. No way. No how. When we embrace our inability… we’ll see his ability… to do what we can never do. Redeem, restore and bring life to where there is no life.

FASTING is a simple way… to remind us that we can’t do it. Take food for example: say you fast lunch… around 12:30, you’re stomach’s screaming. At 2:30… you start dreaming of that glazed donut. By 4:30 you wonder whether that old piece of cheese in the fridge is still good. Finally at 7:00 you’ll eat anything that moves.

Two responses while you’re fasting:

:: I’m going to destroy anyone who gets in the way of me and my double double. OR…

:: You can use the desperation to:

  1. Remind you that you need him. Really need him. Even more than a burger. It might show you that you love burgers more than Jesus.
  2. Help you understand in a very, very small way that many in the world go without a regular daily meal. And your understanding will lead you to action. Donate to the Red Cross, buy a meal for a buddy who is low on the dough, buy 2 hotdogs [1 for you and 1 for the homeless guy you’re going to sit next to for lunch]… for example.

That’s if you choose to fast lunch for the next 40 days. You do have some options. Here’s a handout for our community on fasting for Lent. Download and read.

There is this thing that happens when we are broken down to our core. We see God for who he is. We see ourselves for who we really are. We’ll love him for who he is. And we’ll find that he loves us for who we are too. I think that’s worth it.

More info on fasting written by Bill Bright HERE.

So do this:

  1. Ask God what you should fast. Ask him. He might bring some surprising things to mind.
  2. Share it with your house community or zealot group or as a comment on this post.
  3. Go.

We’ll do a community wide fast on food on the final week before Easter and break our fast on Good Friday together – more info to come. But for Lent, ask God… and then do what he says. Go.


So check it out… Haven Retreat… February 19-21st. A cowboy with the name GAMBLE will come and lead our time. It’s going to be good time to disconnect and connect, rest and reinvigorate, to be emptied and be filled backed up again.

Invite whomever… or more so invite someone you care about.

Register and get more info HERE. Contact us at info[at]ihaven.org for more info. See you there.


We’ve all been reading up on what’s happening with Haiti. It’s tragic and incredible in every way. We’ve heard crazy talk from people regarding why this happened, what’s wrong with the aid process and ideas of what’ll happen with Haiti. But Jesus simple call has never changed… to LOVE.

Before we share some ways to give your money [which is desperately needed], Sergio recently shared an idea with his house community that we should consider going to Haiti when the rebuilding process begins. It’s after all the money’s been given and the crisis begins to recede into the back page of the news… that the country will really need the help of the world community. Would we sacrifice not just our money, but our time… and even more importantly, our heart… to walk alongside Haitians in the rebuilding of not only the structures, but the souls as well? Can we move beyond distant acts of charity and find tangible ways to love our friends in Haiti? It’ll be an opportunity to be what Jesus himself was about – bringing spiritual, social and physical FREEDOM to those in need:

The Spirit of the LORD is upon Me,
Because He has anointed Me
To preach the gospel to the poor;
He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted,
To proclaim liberty to the captives
And recovery of sight to the blind,
To set at liberty those who are oppressed;
To proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD.

- Luke 4:18-19 [NKJ]

So… pray, listen and look for opportunities. Not all will have a chance to go and not all may need to go. But many should… and when God says to go… GO.

In the mean time, consider giving to the following:

Christian and Missionary Alliance – CAMA Services
Jesus in Haiti
Love a Child
Samaritan’s Purse
The Salvation Army

Thanks friends and continue in your praying, listening, giving and loving.