India 2009

Last call for people interested in our project in India… more info below:

Hey Folks,

Just wanted to officially say that we’re preparing again to for India in November. Some of the finer details are in the works as far as what we’ll be doing and exactly what the dates will be. But it will be the around the first 2 weeks of November for around 10 days.

This year we’re likely bringing some medical professionals for basic medical care and training. We’ll definitely be doing a multi-day youth program for elementary aged students like last year. You don’t need special skills, but a willingness to work on a team and give of yourself for 10 days. You may have some roadblocks you’re thinking of right now… and in my experience, almost 99% of those are fairly easily worked out or God provides miraculously [faith?]. I already have had a donor give $1000 to support whoever goes to India… it’s confirmation that God does want us to go.

I’d like to have a confirmed team by 2nd week of July and begin training/ticket purchase by the beginning of August. Let me ask all of you to pray… just ask God simply… “Do you want me to go?”… if no, then no problem. If yes, then fantastic. If maybe, give it a few more goes and then let me know that’s where you’re at.

More details to come – but check out Dave Shin’s video montage from last year’s journey to India for an overview of last year’s trip.

A Journey to India from david shin on Vimeo.

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