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RETREAT [2/19-21]
Just a reminder that in 3 weeks we’ll be doing our 3rd Haven Retreat – and we don’t want you to miss out. I’m more encouraged for what God will do. Reminder:

:: PRAY for our time that weekend. PRAY about who to invite to come along with you.
:: REGISTER >> HERE << Click for Info and Registration. DEADLINE: February 7
:: PRAY for Neil and Dana our speakers. PRAY for yourself… yes, you. To be open and ready.

We’ll also unveil a new t-shirt… so if you would like to buy one for sure, put your name and size down HERE. We’ll order extra, but can’t assure we’ll have your size if you don’t put your name down. So there.

DOJO [2/7] – 9:30A – Briz’s
We’ll be meeting for our monthly DOJO this coming Sunday – hosted and led by the Brizuela’s. We’ll talk and work our way through the big idea of the Bible and how to begin seeing yourself in what God is doing. Come on out – 45 Ede Lane, Milpitas. 9:30am. Yes… 9:30am.

Other Items:

Quote for the week:

“Failure is the path of least persistence.”

Continue to listen… dream… go… risk… LOVE.
More info on GPROJ… go here. Or talk to your house community peeps.

Final words on India and pics now here: www.ihaven.org/missions. Check it out, leave a comment.

Thanks folks – blessings this week…


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