Mini Generosity Challenge -Jackets

From one of our house community members:

The Mini Project: For one of our generosity projects, we bought about 25 really nice and warm jackets for each house community member to hand out but not to donate to an organization. The point is to address a need when we see one.  There are no restrictions to whom the jacket may be given to. It could be someone who lives on the streets or even a person waiting at the bus stop in the rain.

What is the Generosity Challenge?

“Earlier this week I was praying that God would give me the opportunity to give out a jacket and so I purposefully grabbed the stack in my trunk to put in my backseat so I can reach for it if I needed to. I REALLY wanted to start handing them out especially since the weather is starting to get cold and also because the last time I felt God telling me to give a jacket out, I chickened out. I wanted to follow through the next opportunity He presented.

Yesterday, I was waiting at this¬† taqueria in Sunnyvale that a lot of working people go to to meet a friend for lunch. A lady who looked a little tattered (named Jessie Girl) was sitting outside on the curb. Generally I won’t offer anything unless they ask or have a sign. I just don’t want people to be offended if I assumed they were homeless/begging for something and they weren’t :) Anyway, I walked outside of the taqueria to flag down my friend and the lady who was outside asked me for some money. I asked her if she’d like lunch instead and what she’d like. She said she wanted a philly cheesesteak and fries and I said, awesome…where can i get that nearby here? She said, “In there!” (points at taqueria). For a split second, i thought she was out of it but then she said there’s a special in the taqueria but it’s $5. I said not to worry about it and said I would get it for her.

I then thought this would be a good opportunity to give her a jacket and asked her if she was cold and if she’d like a jacket. She said oh no it’s okay I don’t want to take it from you. I said, no no I have some brand new ones and would give her one. I said why don’t you come to my trunk and to see what size fits. She seemed surprised but followed me anyway.

All I really had was XL and XXL (she was kind of bigger) but i think we both assumed she wouldn’t be any more than a Large. I dug up a Medium but it seemed to small and then she asked to try the XXL and it fit perfectly! I felt like i was back in retail telling her it looked good and fit well and told her that it was a very good jacket that would keep her warm throughout the winter.

Right then, my friend pulled in and was like, are you selling jackets from your trunk?? :) I explained to her what I was doing. I told Jessie Girl I’d be right back with her philly cheese steak special for $5 (which was a real special!) I then gave it to her and she was grateful.

It seems like a small and easy gesture but sometimes whether it was out of laziness, fear, people thinking I was weird, thinking someone else will do it, we don’t follow through with God asking us to do the simple things. I ask God to see the big things but if I myself can’t even obey on a simple task, then it will be harder to see even the big things.

Hopefully I will continue to have more opportunities to obey and show love through this project.”

The delicious taqueria:

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