A Missional Church-What it Can Look Like

Our last few gatherings, we have been discussing what it means to make disciples and grow as a church and how we get there. It’s a journey we as a church are taking together. We recently watched these videos of missional churches from the Verge Network to help us understand what it kind of looks like. Sometimes we get tunnel vision and need to gain perspective. I think watching these videos helped us do that and evaluate ourselves as a church. We were encouraged and motivated again and it was a great time of discussion. The beauty of the body of Christ is the edification we are able to offer each other through Him.

Jeff Vanderstelt and his Missional Community at Soma Communities share their heart for wanting to see Jesus glorified in his neighborhood and all of Tacoma.

Leonce Crump and his Missional Community at Renovation Church talk about the joys and challenges of planting a church in a diverse neighborhood in Atlanta.

The Austin Stone: Lawson and Paul talk about how God is using their Missional Community to make disciples in their current context with international students at The University of Texas at Austin.

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