SJSU Care Packages Spring 2012

For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, (Matt 28:35 NIV)

In the Fall finals of 2010 Haven partnered with the San Jose State Asian American Christian Fellowship (AACF) to find a way to love the student community during finals week. An idea to make “survival packs” of a Capri drink, granola bar, mini-cookie pack and chewing gum to hand out to students studying for finals. That quarter, 250 packs where assembled by the Haven house church and accompanied AACF members to hand out free packs to students without any speeches or “strings attached”. If someone would asked we told them we were showing love to the SJSU community. At first, the givers and receivers were both wary of what this was all about. Only 250 packs were given away and AACF experienced a different way to “love” their fellow students.
In the Spring finals of 2011, 500 packs were made by Haven. More AACF members participated and word got around the library of free packs. Students were looking for the packs at the library .

In the 2012 Fall Finals, AACF were embolden to not only hand out packs but to also assemble the packs as a part of their fellowship meeting. AACF/Haven assembled 1000 packs and handed out not only at the library but also at the engineering college and fine arts college. Word began to reach to many students and now there was anticipation during dead week to receive a survival pack. Conversations were beginning to take place between givers and receivers. With a thousand packs, AACF asked other campus fellowships if they wanted to hand out packs and the fellowships partnered together to hand them out.
Spring of 2012 saw this little seed grow. As AACF/Haven packed one thousand snack packs, the AACF leaders shared how the other campus ministries are looking forward to hand out the packs and to share time with the student community. Another church heard from their college students of this and they were encouraged to assemble snack packs for their college group to hand out during finals week.

This started because two of our brothers felt a need to find a way to love the San Jose State students. The Lord brought the resources, the brothers and sisters together to bring a blessing upon those would were thirst and hungry.

Loading the car

Finished packages

Assembly line with little guy keeping everyone in line!

There’s no age limit in contributing to the kingdom of God =)

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