One of the members of Haven who was very close to retirement shares how God showed her a different path. It was such a great encouragement to see such obedience and the blessings that follow.

Dear Friends and Family,
I am 61 years old and have been contemplating an early retirement from Kaiser Home Health when I turn 62. I have been envisioning planting a garden of homegrown herbs, fruits and vegetable so that I can cook and pick what I need for my next creative meal.
God has another plan for my life. He has called me to serve at Grace Community Home Health, a faith-based home health agency. Grace Community is a startup home health agency with an openly Christ-centered mission and vision. When one of the partners approached me to share about its core mission and vision, my response was, “Where have you been all my life?” It was the same mission and vision as my heart’s desire and personal mission as a physical therapist. I have always believed that God called me into this field as a platform to share His love in a practical way.
On May 5, 2015, I officially retired from Kaiser, and am working full time as the rehab director for Grace community Home Health. Grace Community is currently providing pro-bono services until we become accredited with the Joint Commission, which then allows us to bill our services through Medicare. We are a for-profit organization with goals to be self-sustaining, to continue to serve the community, and to support missions around the world.
I would greatly appreciate your prayer as I start this new stage of life. Would you join me in praying for the following?
To be to be ready for our pending Joint Commission survey, and pass so we can bill for our services and be self-sustaining
For staffing of people with excellent clinical skills and willingness to support and value our core mission and vision
For our referral sources for patients who meet the Medicare guidelines for skilled needs for home health services and are home bound
For favor with referral sources, hospitals, rehab facilities, and physicians. We want to be a representative of Jesus Christ.
Thank you for your love and prayers as I embark on this career change.
Yours in Christ,

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