Haven is not a building or a business, but broken people seeking to follow Jesus. We believe that we have a very simple call to love God, love one another and to help others do the same. This is the church.

Haven is setup as a network of smaller house communities that meet weekly and join together monthly for corporate worship, prayer and teaching.

House Communities

On a functional level, the heart of Haven is in the house communities. And the heart of each house community is to provide a safe space for broken souls to see and connect with Jesus. It’s an opportunity to hear one another’s stories, share a meal and seek truth for life.

Each group is different because it is made up of different people who are completely unique, completely beautiful and completely flawed. Some have followed Jesus for quite some time and others are just learning about who he is. Regardless of where we’re at, we’re all a work in progress at the mercy of a loving God.

The house communities meet weekly in different homes. We eat together, because it’s a natural pathway for love and embrace. And Jesus also did a lot of eating with people. On most weeks, we spend time reading, discussing and trying our best to live the Bible. Our desire is that we would see the heart of God – his heart for us and his heart for the world – and grow in our understanding of what Jesus did on the cross. We also find time to hear one another’s stories and provide space for prayer.

We have house communities in San Jose, Milpitas and Santa Clara that meet throughout the week. Contact us at info[at] for more info.

Community Building

Every month we have large community building events including BBQs in the summer, bowling, events to give back to the community and a time to invite people outside of our church family to join along on our journey and learn more about what we do and ultimately about Jesus.

Zealot Groups

Zealot Groups are groups of 2 or 3 people who journey together to deepen their love for and obedience to Jesus and support one another through life. This is a critical way for us to live the way of Jesus more authentically. Zealot Groups can be formed on your own [download outline here] or you can contact us and we can help you form one.

Go here for the most recent updates on gatherings/events/projects or contact us at info[at]

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