Mission and Dream

Our mission as a community is to be a safe space for people to see and connect with Jesus Christ.

Our Dream…

We dreamed of space… a safe space where people of all walks of life, normal people who dream, hurt, love and make mistakes come and find welcome. We dreamed of a space where people come and see Jesus. They see his friendship, his compassion, his care and his gentleness. But also see his power, his fierce holiness and his unimaginable size. He’s the God of the universe.

We dreamed of people gathering to live life together – eating, learning, struggling, triumphing and… eating together. They would see Jesus through each other, experiencing his love, acceptance and providing spirit. And through these small gatherings, people would begin living life with Jesus, in awe of how amazing he is and sharing that captivation with others. We’d see transformed lives, healed hearts, and empowered dreams.

And the dream got bigger. We saw this gathering of people become gatherings of people – communities multiplying and creating more spaces of safety and divine interaction. And these people impacted their communities spiritually and socially and brought a bit of heaven to earth.

The dream is not a building or a business plan. The dream is about people – people gathering together to cultivate a safe space, a Haven for people to see and connect with the savior of the world, Jesus Christ.

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