Community Update

Some updates for the week:

House Communities?
Want to join a house community and don’t know where to start? Check out the ‘GATHERINGS’ page or contact us at info[at]

Monthly Worship Gathering [SUN – 02.15]
We will be gathering for our monthly worship gathering at Le Petit Trianon Theatre. Lunch will be provided generously by the Monday House Community. Join us as we hear from God and each other. More info contact us at info[at]

Le Petit Trianon Theatre [Upstairs]
72 North Fifth St.
San Jose

Haven Retreat 2009
We came back from our annual retreat encouraged and empowered. Remember: Repent, Renounce, Release and Reclaim! Many of you are processing what was discussed and wrestling through how it impacts your life. Two suggestions: share it with your house community. Share what God has spoken to you. Secondly start a Zealot Group… a group of 2 or 3 where you journey together to live out Jesus’ message of freedom [see GATHERINGS page for more info on Zealot Groups]. Will we post photos and mp3’s of sessions soon. Check back.

Also those of you who have not paid – and yes we know – we’re still collecting. Send your check to:

72 North Fifth St. #12
San Jose, CA 95112

T-Shirts were also unveiled during the retreat. If you’d like one, contact Sarah at sarahylin[at]

Monthly Discipleship/Leadership Training [beginning SUN – 03.01]
We will be reshaping our first Sunday gatherings and re-purposing them towards practical training in being a disciple of Jesus and being a leader in our community. Our intention has always been to integrate our faith into real life – our heart is to grow in walking with Jesus every single moment of our lives. These sessions are open to all who want to deepen their life with Jesus and live courageously in our world. More info to come and contact us at info[at]

Learning Community: Healthy Marriages and Effective Parenting
We will be restarting our quarterly learning community where we will  discuss having healthy marriages. We will tackle this first for the first 2-3 quarters before moving into parenting. Our heart is to equip couples to live well and nurture healthy family environments. Alan and Luanne will be leading the discussion and childcare will be provided. Location and time TBD – check back soon for more info – contact Alan if you’re interested at alhom[at]

REBUILDING TOGETHER – Loving Our City thru Rehabbing/Rebuilding Homes
We have been working with Rebuilding Together this past year and the Spring project is coming up. It’s a very tangible way of helping provide safe and healthy living environments for those who are disabled or elderly living here in the Silicon Valley. Alan will be leading the charge and we NEED at least 12 people to participate. Be a part of loving our city in a tangible way. Invite your friends and then let Alan know that you’re IN by contacting him at alhom[at] by February 20TH. Contact Alan for more info as well.

Got an Extra Pair of Glasses You’ll Never Use Again?
Our friend Dave S. is collecting used eye-glasses to donate to Clarkson Eyecare Foundation that will be recycled and given away to those who are unable to afford them. You can bring them to our next worship gathering on February 15th. You can reduce your own clutter and provide a way for someone to see. What could be better? Contact us at info[at] for more info.

Questions? Comments? Just want to say ‘hi’? Contact us at info[at]