Dojo Session #5: Life on Mission Pt.1

CHALLENGE for the Month:

1. 10 Minutes Daily – PRAY > LISTEN > OBEY
check in with your Zealot group to discuss 1 question: How have you been obedient to God today?


In order to respond to God we must hear his voice. In order to hear his voice, we must pray. Prayer and hearing are aided by giving simple daily attention to what God and Satan are doing in our lives. But when we hear Him, we got to say YES, Father.


>> Spiritual Warfare – Dave K. started our time by asking, “Why does Satan attack us?” He shared about a recent attack where he couldn’t move in the middle of the night and needed to pray for release. We all came to conclusion that Satan attacks us in order to intimidate, scare and cripple us from living the lives God has called us to.

Rachel K. shared about a video she saw on YouTube that showed some students praying for healing in Disneyland and doing crazy miracles, helping people see Jesus. Her question for us, “Why aren’t we [Haven or anyone else] seeing the same miracles among us?”

>> Faith and Obedience – We dialogued on the “why’s” and realized that ultimately we are NOT OBEDIENT when God prompts us to do something… whether that’s praying for healing or encouraging/exhorting someone or any other form of risk where God has to deliver. Most of us are afraid of making mistakes or making a fool of ourselves.

But we all agreed that God will lead us to places and circumstances where we must trust Him and He must deliver. These opportunities deepen our faith, expand our vision of God and miraculous happens. See video link above.

>> Hearing God and Just Doing ItSo how do you know when God is calling us to do something? Our first obedience is to the Bible. Read it, do it. Stop assuming you know what it means and skim over. Read it, ask God to show you something and then do it. We pick and choose and avoid doing what the Bible says. If you start doing what the Bible says you’ll never find it boring.

Secondly, the Holy Spirit prompts us to do things… ie. words of encouragement for people, tangible acts of love, prayers of healing, etc. If you feel the Holy Spirit pinching you to do something… DO IT. We want 100% certainty, but most of the time we won’t get it. Why? So we’d learn to trust God more. Don’t be afraid of failing or making mistakes. As you continue saying “Yes Lord, I’ll do it.” your view of God will get big real fast. The more you say “Yes”, the more you’ll see him. The more you say “No”, the less you’ll hear his voice. Say “Yes”. And then do it.

Looking forward to hearing stories of obedience and miracles from this coming month.