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Children’s Camp: Opening Night – by Amanda Yee – Day 5

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Thursday night was the first day of our 3 day Children’s camp.  Each time we tried to work on our program, we felt completely unprepared and overwhelmed.  Wednesday night Dave and I made an executive decision to scrap the pre-packaged VBS program we brought and write our own.  It was a decision that was pretty much made out of desperation as the packaged lessons just didn’t make sense to us.  We decided on the theme The Miracles of Jesus.  It was a long night of brainstorming and we all went to bed feeling extremely uncertain of what the next day would bring.

Thursday morning during our team devotions, we all felt pretty defeated and worn out.  We prayed together and acknowledged we wouldn’t be able to get through this camp on our own strength, but were in desperate need of God’s help.  The rest of Thursday morning was spent cramming for that night.  We literally took this VBS one day at a time.

5:00pm approached a lot faster than we were ready for.  As we walked towards the building, you could hear the voices of the children singing praise songs.  That sound of them singing energized me and I suddenly felt ready to go.  Dave thought of doing our team introductions like they do for NBA teams, and the kids really got into it giving us high fives and cheering.  We started the night off with our theme song, “I’m keeping my eyes on Jesus” a song that we will never forget, even if we wanted to.  The kids loved it and did an awesome job even the first time around.

After the theme song was when the night got a bit shaky.  We started with an icebreaker that was a bit more challenging than we anticipated.  Each team had to race to line up in order – by height, age etc.  We later found out that the kids here don’t really play competitive games which is why our icebreaker pretty much failed.

The Bible lesson for the day was Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead.  We told the story using the kids as actors.  We then broke into small groups to discuss how we could apply the lesson to our lives.  The application time was the icing on the chaotic cake.  The language and cultural differences were a bit more of a barrier than we imagined.  The kids all understood the facts of the Bible story, but it was hard to help them make the connection to how it related in their own lives.  So application time turned into just talking with the kids.  They were very interested to know about our families, America, our hobbies.  Even though the day didn’t go like we would have wanted, seeing their smiles and their excitement despite all our mistakes was such a blessing.  These kids really radiate so much joy and love and you can’t help but smile when you see them.

by Amanda

>> Day 1 Video

>> Day 1 Video

Children's Camp 1 from Elton Lin on Vimeo.